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"I have known Yvonne for over 5 years. She started working with Dad in 2010, and with her friendly manner won him over.  Yvonne's work with my father greatly enhanced his life; he looked forward to every visit and enjoyed the time he spent with her.

Yvonne is conscientious, called ahead to let Dad know when she was coming, and was always punctual. Yvonne is a hard working person who is also generous, compassionate, and trustworthy. I highly recommend Yvonne and commend her for her work as Your Caring Companion.

If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience." - Tom K., Son

"My husband was admitted to a Mainland care home as an Alzheimer's patient  in  January  2013. Packing up 35 years of memories for the sale of our beautiful Victoria Island home did not allow me much time with Robert. 

Then I heard about Yvonne and Your Caring Companion, who could be the help to both my husband and myself during this upsetting transition period. Among other things, she offered to take Bob out for an hour each week for some freedom from the confines of the care home. I feel like the most fortunate person to now have Yvonne in our lives.

She is so much more than a care giver. I have found her to go beyond what anyone 
would expect. She is a very thoughtful, kind and giving lady who will suggest any number of activities to keep Bob engaged with the outside world.

She gives me peace of mind between my visits with Bob. I would be happy to give any further information required. I highly recommend Yvonne as a care giver.  - Laura F., Wife

"Yvonne is a very caring and kind person. I find her honest and sincere. I enjoy our stimulating conversations. She genuinely cares. Her companionship has been very helpful to me throughout the years she has cared for me." - Olive P., Age 80
"Having you here means so much. You are caring and understanding. You will never be forgotten for your care when we needed you." - Leslie S., Daughter
"Yvonne is a very thoughtful, reliable and caring person." - Johanna V., Age 75

"You have been the most patient listener and your thoughtfulness is appreciated more than you know. Thanks so much!" - Larry H., 63
"I have known Yvonne for over 25 years. I find her to be honest, caring, and dependable with a pleasant personality. Someone you like to have around. She is eager to please and does things the way you like." - June P., Neighbour

"I would like to extend to you our sincere thanks for volunteering your time in Food Services at Edmonds Community Centre. Your positive attitude and helpful manner while on duty as cashier and special event hostess was truly appreciated! Thank you again for your time and effort; it was noticed and valued. - Jamie H., Volunteer Coordinator, Edmonds Community Centre

"I was put in contact with Yvonne with the help of a neighbour, a mutual friend. I usually feel somewhat uneasy when giving strangers access to my home, however, because of my neighbours reference I felt reassured.

Yvonne has not let me down. I have found her to be honest, caring, reliable, punctual and encouraging. She has been a valued asset to me with daily requirements.

I would recommend Yvonne without reservation to anyone who could benefit from her services.

If you would like to speak to me or my wife further with regard to Yvonne please feel free to contact us by phone, preferably between the hours of about 12 PM and 6 PM. My phone number will be provided by Yvonne on request."  - Larry

"Yvonne was hired by me to be a companion to my friend, Goldie R. residing at the New Vista Care Home several years ago. I found Yvonne to be very professional, dependable and competent in dealing with Goldie's needs.

She maintained careful financial records and kept in touch with me daily about how Goldie was doing. She informed staff of any changes in Goldie's appearance or behaviour which they appreciated.

Yvonne was a fine companion to Goldie. They enjoyed each others' company and developed deep feelings for each other while sharing moments of happiness and sadness through laughter or tears. She tended to Goldie's personal care always being sure she was comfortable, encouraging her to eat at mealtimes, assisting her when needed, washing her up after meals, brushing her teeth and applying moisturiser to hands and arms during each visit.

She added enjoyment to Goldie's days by encouraging her to play the piano, listen to music on the radio, taking her for rides around the home or in the garden and offering her favourite treats---cookies, juice, coffee, fruit or yogurt.

Yvonne went above and beyond her role as companion by joining in with Goldie's friends to celebrate her birthdays or Christmas. Throughout these special gatherings, Yvonne was always ready to assist with care for Goldie when needed or to help serve refreshments to the guests.

I have no hesitation recommending Yvonne for a position as companion to a loved one."   - Maureen O., Power of Attorney

"In 2009 we moved my Mother, who was in her late 80’s, into an apartment with meals and cleaning only. It soon became apparent that she could not cope on her own any more, physically or mentally, and she was having a lot of trouble adapting to the change. Since none of her children lived in Burnaby, we started looking for a companion/care giver to help her out.

We considered a couple of large companies but I did not like the idea of ever changing people coming to attend to her. In the office of the apartments I came across a pamphlet from Yvonne Bakker and her business, Your Caring Companion. This turned out to be a very lucky bit of chance for us. Yvonne started coming a couple times a week to help my Mother with some things like laundry that she was having trouble doing, and to take her to shop and to appointments. She also helped her be more organized and remember things with a large calendar on the wall marked with important events. She helped her organize her things better in the new apartment so that she could find what she needed, and encouraged her to take part in the activities offered there.

Yvonne was patient and kind, and firmly encouraging when needed.

Soon thereafter my Mother had to move to New Vista for more care. In the early days there, Yvonne still took her out when she was able, visited with her and encouraged her to take part in activities. As time went on, she would take my Mother down stairs for lunch for a change of scene, play dominoes when she was able, read the newspaper to her, take her out to the garden and other things to break up the monotony for her. She also noticed if things were needed, and let us know, or picked up things for my Mother if we were not going to be there for a while. She emailed us after every visit, which was wonderful as it gave us a way of knowing what was going on as well as learning if things were needed.

Yvonne found safe shoes for my Mother when her slide-in shoes were causing her to fall.  Yvonne noticed when my Mother began feeling the cold more and picked up lap robes and a snugly cape for her. She also did things for us like monitor the comfort fund balance, and to forward on mail that needed attention.

As time went on and my Mother slipped further away into dementia, Yvonne would encourage her to eat, or take her medication. She would read the paper to her or watch some TV with her, or just sit and hold her hands to warm them up. It was wonderful that my Mother had Yvonne as a constant in her life, someone she looked forward to seeing so much. As for us, her children, we had peace of mind knowing that when we couldn't be there, that Yvonne could, and with my Mother’s best interests at heart.

I would whole heartedly recommend Yvonne to anyone looking for a helper/companion/visitor for their elderly relative. You will not find anyone more reliable, resourceful, knowledgeable and caring." - Liz M., Daughter

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